• Greetings! Welcome to the Are you perfect for Rachel? Test

    Are you my soulmate, or will you likely annoy the @&$#! out of me?
    Using superior analytical skills, this test will determine whether a relationship between you and I will work.

    There are six possible categories. It's tough to get a "perfect" score; the best answers aren't obvious, so just be honest. And many times there is more than one good answer, because I'm fair like that ;).

    Will it be magic...
  • Or Mayhem??

  • Maybe we should just be friends?

    Only this test can tell.

    Don't lie, you've always secretly wanted to use a test to determine your romantic fate.

    P.S. Don't forget to let me (or OKCupid) know how much you loved finding out about our possible compatability!

    (Unless you didn't. Then, you don't have to tell a soul.)

    *Last Updated 5/6/05*