• Do you every fantasize about that special someone from your past... the person who hurt you the most? Do you ever daydream about what you'd do if you saw them again? Do those daydreams ever turn to the macabre? Let's see how well you can stomach this test. Why would you want to? If you are like me, you enjoy things like horror movies and Halloween, you have always wanted to visit The Death Museum, and graveyards at night excite you!
  • Hi! And welcome to my Are You Scared? Test. This is to test you stomach as well as your sense of humor. I have a very very dark sense of humor sometimes. Do you think you can handle it...... or will you be running to the bathroom to puke?
  • 1
    Your significant other has been in a really bad mood all day. Which if the following do you do to put a smile on their face?

  • 2
    If your significant other wanted to live out a sexual fantasy involving a casket, your response would be....

  • 3
    Pick your favorite movie.

  • 4
    Now, your favorite type of music.

  • 5
    If you were in a situation like in the "Saw" movies, which task would you rather have to complete to stay alive?