• Fuck seriously guys i wrote a real cool intro, then it exploded into quadratics. Are you cool? or more importantly will i let you be cool? This test is about losers, i will try to catch you out, *swoop : i have a net bitches. Note: being from the former soviet union makes you cooler, i however am not from the ex soviet bloc, but dont you worry i am so much cooler than Lenin that the socialists are still fucking crying about it holmes. remember just because you were cool at school it doesnt mean you were cool here... *sigh, just because you were a looser at school doesnt mean you are any better now either.
  • do not skip a question unless i tell you its ok ill come down on you with hepatitis, and dont say to me "ha! you can't get hepatitis twice!", cause yah can if i give it to you.
  • 1
    Do you care if someone says racist/mean things in public?

  • 2
    What are you doing with your life man!!?!?!

  • 3
    At school you were? a vampire and.... and what? a vampire and heres a million dollars? please choose closest - this question is not too important.

  • 4
    Do you look back on school (high school) alot? do you? do you cry?

  • 5
    How much time do you spend alone? sitting infront of a t.v or computer doesnt count.