• Hi! And welcome to my test...

    The world is full of unique and wonderful people. This test totally ignores that and arbitrarily pigeonholes you into one of 16 categories... but it's all just good fun. Hope you will enjoy it!

  • So...do you think you can be the man of my dreams? It`s supposed to be pretty difficult to score high on this test, because I am a picky girl, so I wish you the best of luck!


    PS: Think I will have to re-name my test to "The awfully long and Urgh-am-I-going-to-come-through-this - Man of my dreams - test?" (This is supposed to be a warning, it has 70 questions, so you for sure will be nailed down as my dream-man or not)

    Hope you will have fun!

    PS2: Remember - it is only for fun. Don´t end up as my stalker just if you get the best results ;)

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