• 1
    What is your hair color?

  • 2
    Coke (and i mean the drink) or Pepsi?

  • 3
    Do you have kids?

  • 4
    Do you want kids?

  • 5
    Movies or T.V.?

  • 6
    I work weird hours. If when i came home at 8 a.m. and you were still sleeping would you have breakfast with me and then cuddle with me until i fall asleep

  • 7
    I work in a factory in the early early morning but my night job is that i am a dj in a strip club. how do you feel about that?

  • 8
    I am a huge cuddle bug. there is nothing better then someone special to cuddle with and watch a movie late at night. how do you feel about cuddling?

  • 9
    I have a cat and a dog. How do you feel about animals?

  • 10
    Last but not least. Do you like soft butch, butch, or femme?