The Are you the perfect girl- every man's dream?? Test

  • This is the Edited and revised version #2 of the test... The first test has definitely generated a lot.. a lot of some strong responses from alot of females- so I thanked them for their feedback, took in the advice and have created a better more accurate test. First off, this test took me a long time to complete (been working on it for a period of 3 months- on and off) I thought of alot of things to put on here, and how to score it. I assure you, the more honest you are, the better the results and the advice I have to offer will be. There is over 26 possible categories in the end and I gave EACH one alot of thought and consideration. This test Is designed to evaluate you as the "perfect" girl. The girl that every man dreams of, and wishes he had. Your looks are a factor, and so is your personality. The higher you score, the more you will be loved and adored by guys. I can guarantee you this. Also, I'm very truthful and say things how they are. If you wish for me to give you a honest 1-10 rank based on looks, message me and I will evaluate you. Same as for your bio and what my impression of you is. Have fun, and stay true!!