• Hi! And welcome to my Army Role Test. See what role you'd play in an army. 24 different Roles. Some are ranks, yes. There will probably be a second. Let's see what Role you'd be in the Army.
  • 1
    You are in charge, your army of 1000 faces a less well-armed army of 1500, who are charging at you. You tell your men to...

  • 2
    You have a choice of weapon. Do you choose a...

  • 3
    Your are heading back to HQ with a 2x4 with a mounted Machine gun on back. You come face to face with an enemy tank. What do you do?

  • 4
    As a Special weapon do you choose...

  • 5
    Which of these would you join?

  • 6
    You are raiding the enemy base... They have a slight larger army than you , but you have the element of surprise. What's your tactics?