• Could you be the untracable assassin? Do you have what it takes to be the cleaner?
    Remember that not just any old brute makes the perfect assassin.

    You are the assassin. Whether you're a hitman hired by an estranged husband so his wife doesn't get a divorce settlement, the mercenary hired by X. Inc. to take out a senior executive of Y. Inc. or even the master hired by XLand to assassinate the president of YLand, this test will show you what you are.
    Or maybe you're just the local clueless thug with delusions that he's something he saw in a movie.

    This is a two variable test which works like a four variable test. It's possible to score negatively in either of the two variables and results are taken relative to zero.

    Be advised there are wrong answers and there are right answers but also be aware that sometimes there's more than one "correct" answer which will affect one tracked variable more than the other. It is not possible to get a perfect score!

    If you have any questions, drop me a message after doing the test with what part you want to know more about.