• How do you relate to other people? Are you quick to get intimate, or do you prefer to keep your distance? Are you more interested in the gooey center or the hard candy shell?


    This test, expanded from the work of attachment expert Kim Bartholomew, uses two variables (anxiety over abandoment and avoidance of intimacy) to measure how and how well you relate to other people.

  • The original theory had four possible types: Secure, Preoccupied, Dismissing, and Fearful. I've subdivided these into 13 different personality types for maximum accuracy. Also, my own amusement.


    Your attachment style can change over time, depending on your experiences and attitudes. You probably had a different attachment style in childhood than you do now. Answer all the questions according to who you are now rather than who you were then. Or who you think you're becoming.


    Note: Scoring now skewed to accommodate the effects of the social desirability bias. We can't all be unicorns.