• Research Consent Form You are invited to participate in a scientific study that involves verification of your aura composition. The study is being conducted by Spot.Hidden GM Services. This study involves making decisions about a range of related and unrelated questions. Your participation in this study will contribute towards a better understanding of how language maps onto aura perception and the factors that influence this mapping. There is no known risk involved in participating in this experiment, except those associated with normal computer use. Complete instructions on using the computer for the experiment will be given. The experiment will last approximately five (5) minutes. The data collected and the results of the study will be treated in strict confidence and you will remain anonymous. All information will be identified with a code number, so there will be no way to identify you as the participant. Within these restrictions, results of the study can be made available to you at your request. In return for your participation, you will receive two (2) experimental credits. Your decision whether to participate or not will have no influence on your future relations with Spot.Hidden GM Services. You are free to discontinue participation in the study at any time without penalty. At your request, you can receive additional explanation of the study after your participation is completed. A copy of this consent form is available for you to keep. By agreeing to this consent form, you indicate that you are over 18 years of age, or that parental permission for your participation is on file. YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION WHETHER OR NOT TO PARTICIPATE. CLICKING “NEXT” INDICATES THAT YOU HAVE DECIDED TO PARTICIPATE HAVING READ THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ABOVE.

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