• G'Day everyone - and welcome to my Australian Electricity Test. One of my little interests since I was a kid was the Australian electricity industry and how it all worked (yes, I am a geek/nerd/dork!). So I thought I'd just throw together a quiz to see how well people know the industry. It is challenging in parts, so don't feel bad if you score poorly. There are 20 questions, with a score out of 100. No marks are deducted for incorrect answers, however if you're chicken and don't put an answer you do lose them. Shall we start?
  • Above is Swanbank Power Station, photo taken by myself on the 29th of May 2005. To the left is Swanbank B, a coal-fired plant with 4x120MW units, commissioned in 1973. To the right is Swanbank A, a retired coal-fired plant with 6x68MW units, commissioned in 1969. It is currently being demolished. In its place, off the screen to the left is Swanbank E, a 385MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine utilising a single shaft configuration. Swanbank C & D were diesel-fired peaking plant that saw very little use throughout their operating life (both now decommissioned)

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