• This test is designed to assess your knowledge of Australian politics, including parties, people, history, and day to day operations. There are 60 questions with difficulties ranging from easy to hard, divided into six sections. Some of the questions are particularly hard (especially in the last section) - but don't worry! You only need to know a little bit about Australian politics to achieve an average or above-average score.

    You should take around 20 minutes to complete the test. At the end, you will be given a political ranking depending on your score, ranging from Failed Candidate to Prime Minister. Don’t take the actual ranking too seriously – but if you find that your score is less than 30%, I suggest that you read up on the basics of Australian democracy. Understanding a little about our democracy will help you to make informed decisions when elections roll around.

    This test is in beta. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Please report any errors, omissions, suggestions or proposed changes to me using the Ok Cupid messaging system. Thanks!

    Last update: 10/6/05