• Whether you are expecting a baby and trying to pick a name, thinking about potential names for theoretical babies, or just like to give your opinions on what other people name their babies, this test will analyze the style of baby names that you prefer. When my husband and I were deciding on names for our children, some people really hated the names we chose, and then gave suggestions of names we wouldn't even consider. Other people liked the names as much as we did. After my second child was born, I read the book "The Baby Name Wizard" by Laura Wattenberg , and realized that our children's names, as well as the other names we'd considered, fit into a couple catagories. I've also spent time on various baby name/pregnancy/parenting bulletin boards, and noticed that time after time, people would give suggestions that might start with the same letter, but have radically different styles, which is why I've added comments about what style is most different from yours in the results page. Another dilemma that comes up over and over is couples who have different styles trying to pick a baby name together, which is why I've added a section to the results suggesting catagories of names you might also like, to help parents-to-be find where their styles might overlap. (I'm still working on collecting pictures, so if your results screen doesn't have a picture and you have a baby picture that would fit that catagory, let me know!)

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