• There you are! Let us see... do you dress plain? Or funky? Punkish, gothic, altern? Are you a fashionista, a fashion victim, a sell-out?

    How about fetish. Boots? Or vynil pants and velvet dresses? A ripped-up plaid skirt? Or the straight-and-narrow, buttoned-up suit-and-tie?

    Not that we'd like to know... but I'm pretty sure every one else here would like to. And please be minded, a lot of results are included here (25, to be precise...). Many of which are directly influenced by your various choices or un-choices. So feel free to skip any question if no answer suits you. It just might tell us more about some side of you... and wouldn't it be a shame to stop people from knowing, wouldn't it?

    After all, we can't all fit in the mold... can we?

    So take everything off, so that we KNOW whether you're a freak or a norm from the start, and impress us by slowly putting your garments back on... without us knowing which pieces actually belonged to you!

    (Version 1.2 / Revised: Scoring)