The Basic Investment Literacy (Personal Finance) Test

  • Too many people lack the financial knowledge to even avoid a future of tinned beans, let alone invest wisely and retire comfortably. The shame is that investing has become so accessible, and anyone can profit from financial literacy. But personal finance is such a broad area... even if you plan to start learning, how deep down the pool should you jump in?

    This test is intended to indicate how your personal finance knowledge stacks up -- it should tell us how close you are to a real shot at making money from your personal banking. In practical terms, the test will guide test-takers to the correct starting point for them to begin learning more about personal finance/investing based on their existing knowledge level.

    Caveat: For certain questions, the test penalizes if you choose an answer that shows that you THINK you know the correct answer when you actually don't. So sometimes it's better to admit that you don't know (i.e. choose the "silly" answer, or skip the question) than to answer incorrectly.

    [Working draft ::: feedback appreciated ::: test is being improved based on your feedback]