• One day I was watching TV and I saw some porn star on Howard Stern (wearing a patriotic shirt, no less) who was unable to recall who won the American Civil War. I was completely horrified and so I decided to make this little test. I'm not an elitist and I don't expect everyone to know how to convert binary to hexadecimal, what important events happened in 1066, or even what the word "perambulate" means. I DO, however, hope you have a general idea about things other than the latest reality TV show or whether or not Brad and Jen broke up over Angie. Seriously.

    So, here it is- 25 multiple choice questions, 4 points a piece. If you skip a question you lose 8 points, so you'd better guess if you don't know the answer.

    As a side note, I'd like to point out that this IS a dating site and I'm no professional. This test isn't perfect, so don't expect it to be. Also, I've tried my best to write up questions that are applicable to people all around the world but, alas, I'm an American girl and I have no idea what would be considered "basic knowledge" in Uruguay.