• Ninjas. They are known for their stealth, speed, flashy moves, assassinations - even supernatural abilities. Sounds cool.

    Wait. That is how they are portrayed by the media. We know the media tends to exaggerate stuff.

    So how do you know if you have been brainwashed? Take this test to find out.

    P.S If you find any mistakes with the test/want to give feedback(flames > ignored), go ahead and leave a message.

    Disclaimer: Every effort has been done to ensure the accuracy of this test, but due to the high vagueness of information surrounding ninjas, sometimes it is hard to differentiate truth from fraud.

    I can guarantee however, at least 95% of this test is accurate. I am in no way an expert grandmaster/historian, but I research about the topic every now and then. I'll update the test if necessary.

    thumbnail picture source: http://ashokashta.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/ninja-jutsu2.jpg

    Update: Fixed the scoring system. Maybe there will be more varied results...? Added hyperlinks. Benefit of doubt given to some notable figures and philosophy.


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