• Hi! Welcome to my Basic Sherlock Holmes Trivia Test. Holmes is the most popular detective of all time. His cases involved murder, stalkings, robberies, legends, and even a "hound from hell," usually set amongst the romanticism and fog of Victorian England. Let's see what you remember from the stories. Get ready; the game is afoot!
  • 1
    Who wrote the original Sherlock Holmes stories?

  • 2
    In which year was the first Sherlock Holmes story published?

  • 3
    What is Holmes' famous address?

  • 4
    Who did Holmes consider to be the "Napoleon Of Crime"?

  • 5
    Who did Holmes always refer to as "the woman"?

  • 6
    Who was Holmes' landlady?

  • 7
    In which story was Holmes' supposedly killed?

  • 8
    In which story did the presumed dead Holmes' re-appear?

  • 9
    Which of the following sports was Holmes particularly good at?

  • 10
    Who was Holmes' roomate and assistant in many of his cases?

  • 11
    What league did Jabez Wilson join?

  • 12
    Which story takes place during the Christmas holidays?

  • 13
    What object was discovered after Holmes solved the Musgrave Ritual?

  • 14
    Where did Holmes keep his tobacco?

  • 15
    What was the name of Holmes' brother?

  • 16
    How many original Sherlock Holmes stories are there (short stories and novels/novellas)?

  • 17
    What was the curious incident of the dog in the nightime?

  • 18
    What was the speckled band?

  • 19
    Which university did Holmes attend

  • 20
    What hobby did Holmes take-up once he retired?