• Hi! And welcome to my Basic Veterinary Knowledge Test. If you do well with the first few questions, please continue. If you can't answer the first two, just stop now! Go back to school. I'll be drawing on my own experiences as a Kennel Manager/ABKA CAPCT to determine how well you know your basics.
  • 1
    What is the most common illness in older dogs?

  • 2
    What is Phenobarbital used to treat?

  • 3
    Upon initial exam, what organ is affected if an animal has a yellow tint to it's eyes, ears, or skin?

  • 4
    True or False. Cat scratch fever is a real illness.

  • 5
    Which kind of dog is more likely to suffer from GDV, often referred to as "Torsion" or "Gastric Bloat?"

  • 6
    The best example of a multi cellular parasite is:

  • 7
    Hyperthyroidism means a(n) _____ production of thyroid hormones.