• Gudentag! And welcome to my little slice of hell. I'll be using advanced physics, nonlinear euclidian geometry and staples to help determine how unstable or bad-ass you are when confronted with various "SEEMINGLY" unrelated scenerios. Please answer as honestly as possible, knowing that if you lie at all on the questions Karma will come down on you like an overturned truck of flaming horse-manure on your little VW beetle, and clowns will drive by and piss on your flaming wreckage with Gatorade and Skittles... "and the angels, will weep for you."
  • Note: I originally intended this test to distinguish between diffrent types of heros and villians on a graduated scale, but I got distracted at some point after forming the categories and it quickly deteriorated from there. THE TEST FOR THE MOMENT STANDS RELATIVELY 50% INCOMPLETE. At it's current iteration it's mostly silly gibberish, and is not meant to be taken seriously... atleast not yet.

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