• Lots of people out there think that birds are just pretty things that sit in cages for show. Others think they're loud, mean, crazy, and make bad pets. Some others think that birds are like a sweet and deserve all the attention, food and whatever else they want. Then there are people like me, who know what the heck they're talking about.

    Most of these questions are about parrots. When they are not, I'll specify. The test is also pretty long, but there's a lot you need to know about birds if you want to live with one. Keep in mind, some of these questions may have multiple correct answers, though some might be better or "more correct" than others. And don't worry: I've lived with birds for twelve years and counting, so trust me, I know my stuff.

    My recommendation to you, if you're thinking about buying a bird, is to take my word for it: whatever result you get, it will tell you how well-prepared you are, and how much research you should do before buying a bird. Futhermore, this should help you distinguish between a lot of those rumors and myths out there, and what you can expect. And if you are already a bird person, it should just be a fun way to demonstrate your bird patriotism. Rock on!