• Mary Sue, Where Are You? - How to spot her and send her packing!

    If you don't know who Mary Sue is, this test may not make a lot of sense to you. This test is designed for writers of Beatles Fan Fiction to test their original characters for what their degree of Mary Sue-ness is.

    Mary-Sue is the amazingly beautiful, talented and smart original (usually female) character with whom your favorite Beatle falls madly in love, more often than not in a love triangle with another Beatle. In short, as the writer you are designing a perfect version of yourself, and why not, this is fiction after all, but beware, Mary Sue will annoy the life out of most of your readers!

    Please refer to the 'In Your Own Write' pages at Beatles Fan Fiction Directory for a more indepth anamysis of Mary Sue, but if any of the above rings a bell, you need to take this test!

    The Mary-Sue Litmus is not an original creation of mine. It was created by Melissa Wilson (Dr. Merlin) for the cartoon show, 'Gargoyles'. With her permission, it has been adapted to suit the genre of Beatles‚ fan-fiction. This test was adapted by Mona, and edited by The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory (aka Lindsey!) Please don't take it without permission, but ask and you will be granted :) Now, is YOUR character really Mary Sue in disguise?....