Captain Beefheart's WHAT'S YOUR MUSICAL IMAGE? Quiz



    Don Van Vliet (1941-2010), better known as Captain Beefheart, was a brilliant eccentric who used to be a rock star back in the 60s and 70s, but gave up music in 1982 to pursue a career in painting. He's earned a lot of acclaim in the art world, but this test mainly focuses on his music. His music never had much commercial success, yet was a crucial influence on everything from jazz fusion to punk rock (some consider his album Trout Mask Replica to be the first punk album). His musical output is truly visionary, because he approached music the same way he approached painting, creating vivid and fascinating little worlds of thought. You could go so far as to say Beefheart literally "painted with music." 


    This quiz is a humble (and I admit, somewhat humorous) attempt to match a Captain Beefheart song to your personality. It will ask your opinion on his writing (song titles, lyrics, etc), as well as a few quick questions about music and art and life. You don't have to know Beefheart's music to take the test. In fact it will probably work better if you don't know his music. Just read each question carefully and choose whatever answer you like the most. Your score will be a "musical painting" that reflects your inner nature, an artistic representation of the real you.