• Hi! And welcome to my Beer Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true beer IQ.
  • 1
    Do you drink beer?

  • 2
    When you go to a bad that has over 10 beers on tap. Do you..

  • 3
    Have you ever brewed your own beer?

  • 4
    Pick the ingredient NOT used in brewing any type of beer

  • 5
    With the exception of Lambics, all beers are either an ale or a lager?

  • 6
    What gas is most commonly used to pressurize the keg to get the beer to the tap for most beers?

  • 7
    What gas is most commonly used to pressurize the kegs of most stouts to get it to the tap?

  • 8
    How does the alcohol get in the beer?

  • 9
    What beer had the slogan __________ is the one beer to have when you're having more than one.

  • 10
    A Beer Ball is...

  • 11
    Most kegs are made from what metal?

  • 12
    How many gallons are in a US 1/2 barrel keg (most common kegs in the US)

  • 13
    How many different beers have you ever tried?

  • 14
    How many us fluid onces are in a pint of beer?

  • 15
    Do you have a bottle opener within reach right now?