• Why hello, good sir, or so I am assuming. You remind me of the bravest adventurers of old. Taking time from your busy day, most likely when you should be doing something else, to take a trivia test. Oh, the courage!! To avoid being a hypocrite, no, I did not take any time to write this (this was written while time was stopped). I wish you many tidings as you take that cursor into new, uncharted lands to click what has never before been clicked. But before you go!!! You must first realize that this test is not a celebration of drugs. All drugs, large or small, must be treated with exteme care and wisdom. The path is not for everybody, and if you so choose this side of the fork, you must remember to keep your head about you, gain knowledge before experiencing, and most importantly stick to your set limits. With this in mind, off you go!
  • 1
    Last year, 2006 marked the 100th anniversary of Albert Hoffman's Discovery of

  • 2
    Which of the following was once a children's cough medicine?

  • 3
    From which substance would one obtain Lysergic Acid?

  • 4
    Link John C. Lily with the animal that made him famous:

  • 5
    Amanita Muscaria is...(by the way, all exist & are hallucinogenic)

  • 6
    MDMA is a(n)

  • 7
    Studies have shown that Xanax will _______ the effects of LSD. They have also Shown that Lithium will ______ its effects.

  • 8
    The music genre "Goa" originated in

  • 9
    Who predicted that the world will end in the year 2014? (I am not saying that I myself believe this)

  • 10
    Yes or No?