• Hi! And welcome to my Better Autobot or Decepticon Test. Are you not sure which one you are? Are you unsure what I'm talking about? Rest assured, This Test has nothing to do with your knowledge of the show, but how you answer the questions will determine which one you would be. Would you kill all life to save yourself, or kill yourself to save the planet? that sort of thing... Brief Synopsis: Transformers: Autobots and Decepticons who transform their physical appearance from giant bad ass robots to ordinary objects either proportional to their size or to their namesake. For Example, Soundwave turns into a tape player, and a two story robot, while Sun Streaker turns into a one story robot and a yello Ferrari. you get the idea... Autobots: peace loving robotic warriors from a distant planet trying to defend earth from Decepticons. Led by Optimus Prime. Decepticons: war loving robotic tyrants that feed off the energy of natrual recources. After exhausting their home planet, they flew to earth to drain the planet of energy. Led by Megatron. It should be fun... LET'S ROLL OUT!

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