• Hi! I'm looking for a remarkable woman. Are you in the running? If you're a man, leave now; I'm strictly straight.

    If you're a man, leave now; I'm strictly straight. A couple of correspondents have complained 1) that the test is long (she's right), and 2) that the questions appear sexist.  First, review my profile to make sure I might even be remotely interesting to you, before investing time in taking a test that may simply insult you at the end.  Second, understand that several questions are specifically designed to catch out particular attitudes; they may enhance your score on one or more variables while actually reducing your score on others.

    I'm monogamous, vanilla, anarchist, communist, nudist, and vegan. If that translates to some form of anger for you that you don't recognize as righteous or don't want to deal with, I can suggest 1) a bumper sticker that reads along the lines of "if you aren't pissed off, you haven't been paying attention," 2) that you watch a video at <a href="http://www.nonviolenceunited.org/veganvideo.html" target="_blank">A Life Connected</a>, and 3) that you pursue your romantic interests elsewhere, because, sorry, we aren't a match.

    Otherwise, welcome to my Better Match Me Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine whether or not we would stand a chance. Be sure to answer all questions; you will automatically be judged incompatible if you do not.

    Good luck!