• What if you had been born a beverage? This test has been designed to match your personality traits to sixteen non-alcoholic beverages based on four variables: carbonation, natural flavors, sugar, and caffeine. Do not be alarmed by the results; they are meant for fun and by no means represent your favorite drink of choice.

    ***Apology: To people who claim that they would have been some type of milk product (skim, hot chocolate, milkshake, etc.) it was impossible to add the necessary "cream" variable into this test and would require a separate "MILK TEST" which is presentally unavailable at this date.***

  • Notice: Not answering questions will also effect the variables and your final score. This is perfectly acceptable when an answer you want does not exist so don't stress out over it and have fun.

    Edit Update: Tweaked the scoring results.

    Edit Update: Added new questions.

    Edit Update: Now you can view all sixteen results from any result. Hooray for HTML. Hooray for "copy". Hooray for "paste".