• Hello, and thank you for clicking my test. This test, as the title says, will give you some idea of which evil ideology you are a secret supporter of ;) . Please note that this test is brutal. Brutal and needlessly sadistic.
  • No matter your score, you become a mentally disturbed freak with insane beliefs and evil ideologies. Furthermore, you will be taunted, harassed, called names and so on and so forth at a high level. So don't come running to me crying, you take this test at your own risk.
  • So shoulder that gun, pick up your flag, and put on that hood. Get ready to know what name to shout out during parades. Because it all starts here:
  • [PLEASE NOTE: It is not my intention to attack or harass people suffering from a mental disease. If you are one of these and felt insulted, I profoundly apologize. In fact, I apologize to everybody who felt insulted by this test, except for those actually following any of the ideological practices I've described in here.]
    It started out as a test about which out of four ideologies you are closest to, but it evolved out of hand. Now, you're just as likely to end up with a mental disturbance as an ideology. I am aware that this test may seem close to plagiarizing the Personality Defect Test, but it was not intended that way.