• This test has been adapted from a public domain version of a scientifically validated personality profile test. It was a big 5 personality test, but I have removed the extraversion componenent and included category information. Remember that the test may not be stable for long durations -- personalities do change with time to some degree. Also, this is a beta version, I do plan on making descriptions for the categories, and I might change the category names a little if I can think of better ones. (If you click on your score in a couple weeks it should then show this additional information I beleive. You will be able to tell when this update has occurred when the title of the test no longer includes the word beta.)

    On the following pages, there are phrases describing people's behaviors. Please use the rating scale below to describe how accurately each statement describes you. Describe yourself as you generally are now, not as you wish to be in the future. Describe yourself as you honestly see yourself, in relation to other people you know of the same sex as you are, and roughly your same age. So that you can describe yourself in an honest manner, your responses will be kept in absolute confidence. Please read each statement carefully, and then fill in the bubble that corresponds to the number on the scale.