• Fill the test and if you're right, you can consider yourself The Big Brother (UK) Fan! I hope you've seen the season 6,7 and 8! Good luck!
  • 1
    Who was the first housemate entering the BB7 house?

  • 2
    Who said that? "You pushing it out you nigger."

  • 3
    Who was wannabe Posh Spice?

  • 4
    Who called Saskia a dirty, little prostitute?

  • 5
    Lea called Sam a f*cking, lier, b*stard. Why? (BB7)

  • 6
    Suzie was the Golden Housemate of BB7. Which number she got into the game with?

  • 7
    In BB6, who were those housemates, who were Kinga's favourite?

  • 8
    Who had to leave with the most votes ever?

  • 9
    Who was the oldest housemate?

  • 10
    Who smelt strawberries and said that: "it smells like a fish".

  • 11
    Who screamed that? "Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?"

  • 12
    Why did Seány push Charley in the pool? (BB8)

  • 13
    What was Mary's (BB6) nickname?

  • 14
    What said Nikki in her audition tape?

  • 15
    Who chucked water over Suzie? (BB7)

  • 16
    What was the name of the twins who entered the BB8 house?

  • 17
    Why did Big Brother eject Dawn from the BB7 house?

  • 18
    Who were not a couple inside the house?

  • 19
    In which season there was Big Brotherhood?

  • 20
    What was the cause of Jonathan's leaving?

  • 21
    Who was the runner-up in the final of BB6?

  • 22
    Who said that? "I'm a sexual terrorist."

  • 23
    In which season there was underwater camera at first?

  • 24
    Who isn't a winner?

  • 25
    Who said that? "I've never been in love. I think it's a waste of time, it's a fantasy, it's a dream."

  • 26
    Who was masturbating with a bottle in BB6?

  • 27
    Who's a former beauty queen?

  • 28
    Which disease was that suffered from one of the BB7 housemates in the past?

  • 29
    What kind of diary room had had the BB7?

  • 30
    Who was evicted by the housemates?

  • 31
    Who wanted to drop a glass over Anthony in BB6?

  • 32
    When Glyn tried to brake into the Secret House in BB7, Nikki was screaming his name, but Glyn didn't know that it was Nikki. What did he think?

  • 33
    Who became friends in the house?

  • 34
    What kind of Chinese is spoken by Lisa (BB7)?

  • 35
    Will you watch the BB9?