• You think you can handle life in a Big City, huh? Maybe you've grown up in one, or maybe you're a small town somebody trying to become a nobody in a megalopolis. Either way, you're probably no match for the dominating force of the concrete jungle.

    The test measures your patience for hobos, hordes of small children, ravenous packs of pigeons, yuppie lawyers, and all other sorts of crap.

    Your spatial score is based on your ability to handle tight spaces. Elevators crammed with overly perfumed secretaries and big stinky men, high density housing, skyscrapers, roads teeming with cars, etc.

    Your stamina score is your ability to cope with all of the above conditions and then some without A: collapsing, or B: going postal.

    Do you have what it takes to survive? See how you fit in!