• This test is measuring the likelihood that you are fine with bisexuality or not.
  • Hi, Many times people claim to be comfortable with other people’s sexuality. This comes into play when they want a mate as well as a friend. With the possible negative annotations that are associated with bisexuality from both the gay and straight community, it is likely that you are not as comfortable as you may think. This is fine. Please continue if you really care to know where you stand.
  • To simplify things where any question that includes the necessity for an open relationship to answer, pretend you are fine with open relationships even if you are not. Your interest or disinterest in open relationships are not being scored.
  • 1
    You have a best friend that you know is bi and he/she is passionate with someone that is different than your sexual preference in a public place. What do you do? Skip if you are so revolted that you have to go to the bathroom and purge.

  • 2
    If straight male, would you be fine with your girlfriend being with another woman without you? If straight female, would you be fine with your boyfriend being with another man without you? If gay or lesbian would you be fine with your mate being with a person of the opposite sex without you? Skip if there is no chance even if there was an agreement of an open relationship.

  • 3
    You walk into your bi roommate’s room to give him/her something important and see him/her engaging in sex with a person of a different preference than your own or if a bedroom is too much of a respect/space issue, what about in the living room? Skip this if you would refuse to have a bi roommate.

  • 4
    You meet a guy/girl in the internet or in person and they are a real good match to you in every other way except that they are bi and you are not. You had talked about an exclusive relationship. It is obvious that until you found this out you were interested. What do you do? Skip if you ban or ignore them because you do not associate with those types.

  • 5
    Your friend asks you advise about a possible love interest, whether or not you knew your friend is bi, you are reminded then and his/her interest is not the same as your preference. What do you do? Skip if you treat it as any other love interest and only change your advice to adapt to the differences with no concern over the sexuality.

  • 6
    You see that your gay or straight friends are being demeaning toward someone because they politely or non-obtrusively state that they are bi. What do you do? Skip if you are the person instigating the attack against the bi person.

  • 7
    Are you a person that knocks down bi people because they are less than human? Skipping this question admits guilt.

  • 8
    Do you have a bi friend? Skip if the answer is plainly Yes.

  • 9
    Could you ever marry a bisexual person given all other things were equal? Skip if you are happily married to a bi person and intend on staying that way.

  • 10
    Do you wish that you were bi? Skip if this question is outrageous or disgusting.

  • This is the final question.
  • 11
    Why did you take this survey? Skip this if you just took it cause it was there.