• Step right up! The wonderful world of tests is now presenting The Blabbity Blah Test for your utter amusement. Or, really, if we're perfectly honest, your sad attempt at relieving massive amounts of boredom and/or your perfectly successful attempt at procrastinating something less-than-stellar. Afterall, taking a random stranger's test that really means nothing at all is 100% better than writing that paper or talking to that recent ex. At least, I'd hope so, or it wouldn't be saying much about me, now would it?
    In other news, I'm really only writing this test because I'm getting sick of reading on the front page that I must create a test to increase the percentage of completion of my profile. As such, it'll probably NOT accurately measure anything at all. But it may prove amusing. I don't promise that, as it IS nearly 3 am. That's for me to know and you to find out I guess! ;)
    Anywho, I guess due to the title, this test will "measure" your level of talkativeness. Translation: Do you talk too fucking much and therefore need to learn how to shut up, zip your lips, close the trap? Results may provide useless information about how to fix this horridly irritating character flaw.
    Enjoy! Or don't, that's really up to you.