• This is a new test, made Sept. 4, 2006. Feedback is welcome.

    Bob Dylan is an interesting character. Some -- like haughty rock-magazine types -- say he's a genius. Some think he sounds like a brain-damaged midget. Others -- perhaps yourself -- don't really have an opinion; the dude has released over 50 full-length albums, and who has time for that? Apparently, this testmaker does.

    This test will recommend one of the albums pictured above (there are twenty). For more information and lyrics, go to www.bobdylan.com (and www.bobdylan.com/songs).

    There are about 50 questions, but they're all "yes / no"; it should be quick.

    "You'll never know
    the hurt I've suffered
    and all the pain
    I rise above;
    And I'll never know
    the same about you,
    your holiness
    or your kind of love;
    and it makes me feel
    so sorry."
    -- Idiot Wind, Blood on the Tracks