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    When He/She Says' No... Does that mean go for you?

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    Are You, Truely, Happy. For your EX Lover you care about?

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    I still think about Her/Him all the time?

  • There's a fire'we hole in my heart that burns of constant pain... knowing what i had is now lost and gone forever... Every step i take is a drowning example of lost love, -- Every step i take, Burns! holes into the ground as my hopeless soul walks the earth looking and praying for something...
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    Are you doing anything to rectify the situation right now?.. going to school, starting a new job, doing better..

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    How do you deal with your frustration?

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    I can't focus on my activities anymore, without my lover

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    Now just learning the value of her recent accomplishments, makes my fingers burn and crack into dust; The power she holds makes my rings of success shatter on me and wound me even more - as if what i was achieving all this time was for nothing, and my years wasted of trying to catch up... :(

  • What may seem like years of trying on my end to compete, have morphed into a "dream" of being her equal no vengeance, pain, or anger.. even hate can "drive me alive" to have what i know, i already lost deep inside.
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    I think about what if i were in her/him shoes... would leaving be the right choice