• Whoa, good job! You've stumbled upon the greatest test of all time. Well, not so much. But still, if your a fan of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this test is going to really put your fan knoweldge to the test. These questions are about the mythology of the show, characters, and Buffy univerise itself, which is what people really care about. After, you'll get a rank and title to find out just how strong you are in the world of Buffy and how long you would survive in it based on your knowledge.

    Ranks go as followed:

    Rank F - Civilian Extra

    Rank D - Watcher

    Rank C - Demon

    Rank B - Friend of a Slayer

    Rank A - The Slayer

    Rank S - God of Buffy

    Without further ado, goodluck!

    UPDATE: No one has reached Rank S yet!!! Come on people, ive re-done parts of the test to make it easier, lets have someone reach this!

    **This test sometimes changes. Have a suggestion to improve upon the test? Message me @ nirvana2985 for ideas. Thanks!**