• Soo you think your a buffy fan huh.. Cool lets Test this Knowledge shall we. I did all these questions by pure meomory. I can honestly say I am a huge buffy freak... I wouldnt mind reviews on this test to tell me if was to hard or two easy... I actually had fun making this test. My first test was are u a player or a lover. Now i thought I would do a bit more challenging test.
  • 1
    Where is the hell mouth located?

  • 2
    What was the name of the first Episode of buffy vampire slayer season1

  • 3
    Season 1 episode 3 the witch Amy's mom switches places with her daughter. and casts spell on all the cheerleaders. When the spell was reversed and amy's mom tries to send buffy to different place. What happend to Amy's mom.

  • 4
    The prophecy: How does buffy find out she is going to die when she meets the master?

  • 5
    Who does buffy fight in the final episode of season one?

  • 6
    Which one of these DOES NOT happen in season one episodes

  • 7
    Season Two: my wish. How does Angel loose his soul?

  • 8
    Season two: the episode, I only have eyes for you. who is two of the characters that get mixed up in the love triangle game.

  • 9
    Season Three: A new slayer is in town what was her name?

  • 10
    Season Three: Someone shoots an arrow of poison into Angel. How does he get the poison out of his system?

  • 11
    Season Three why does Angel leave sunnydale?

  • 12
    Season Three: What was the name of the first Episode?

  • 13
    Season Four: Hush episode what organ are the tall men cutting out from their silent victims?

  • 14
    Season Four: Who is Hostile 17?

  • 15
    Season four who is the villian that is trying to destroy the world?

  • 16
    Season Five: My favorite season of all seven. What was buffy's sisters name?

  • 17
    Season Five: What is Gloria?

  • 18
    Why is Gloria in Sunnydale?

  • 19
    Season Five:What does Gloria do to her victims?

  • 20
    Season Five: How does dawn find out she is the key?

  • 21
    Season Five: Intervention episode. Gloria tortues spike to find out who is the key. Buffy has to find out what he told Gloria. How does she find out what spike said?

  • 22
    Season Five: Gloria is trapped inside a human souls body. What was the name of the carrier?

  • 23
    Season Six: Willow is bringing Buffy back from the grave. Something goes wrong what happend?

  • 24
    Season six: Why does Zander not marry Anya?

  • 25
    Season Six: Why does willow turn to black magic and goes on a hunting killing spree?

  • 26
    Who saves Willow from destroying the world?

  • 27
    Season Seven:What was the name of the vilian that dresses like a preacher and tall dark handsome man?

  • 28
    How many episodes out of ALL seasons of buffy the vampire slayer was their?

  • 29
    What was the name of the season Finally of Buffy the vampire slayer?

  • 30
    Final question Which one of these men did Buffy Not have a intimate relationship with through out the seasons?