• Ever played the card game "Bullshit"? Quick rundown for those of you who haven't. A player sets cards face down, and tells you what those cards are. He may, or may not be telling the truth. If you wish to call his bluff, you yell "Bullshit!". Yep. That easy.

    gul·li·ble , adj.-- Easily deceived or duped.

    na·ive or na·ïve , adj.-- Lacking worldly experience and understanding, especially: Simple and guileless; artless: a child with a naive charm.

    This test will measure two things. First, I'll be testing how well you know certain facts. Some important events, some random, useless knowledge. Second, we'll see just how gullible you are. And how will i do that? Simple.

    I'll give you some background information on a topic. The background information will always be true. The statement following this, however, might not be. It's up to you to figure out which statements are true, and which ones are, well.. Bullshit.