• Hi! And welcome to my Buying Used Cars Knowledge Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true skills when buying used cars. I am also advocating public awareness for your rights as a consumer so that you will not become a victim of consumer fraud!
  • 1
    I have no problems with purchasing a used car from a car dealership.

  • 2
    I will purchase a used car from a reputable car dealership only.

  • 3
    I trust car salesmen.

  • 4
    Car salesmen will find the best deals for me.

  • 5
    I am aware that every car has a history report by using the VIN#.

  • 6
    I can request a free, used car history report for any used (or new) car that I buy?

  • 7
    I can request a free access to a public computer at the dealership so that I can research the Kelley Bluebook value.

  • 8
    A car salesman can sell you a car that has been damaged in an accident.

  • 9
    A car salesman does not have to disclose any information on the used car.

  • 10
    It is illegal to sell a used car that has a salvage title (without the buyer's knowledge).

  • 11
    A stolen car is considered a salvaged car.

  • 12
    It is illegal to sell a used car that has a rebuildable title (without the buyer's knowledge).

  • 13
    It is very dangerous to drive a car that has a salvaged title.

  • 14
    It is illegal to sell a used car that has flood damage.

  • 15
    It is illegal to withhold information on buildable salvaged cars.

  • 16
    A buildable salvaged car has no value when trading it in for a newer model.

  • 17
    Car dealerships can ship salvaged cars out of state and get it re-titled illegally.

  • 18
    Anyone can fix a salvaged car.

  • 19
    The person who fixed a salvage car must be certified.

  • 20
    A rebuilt salvaged car must undergo an enormous amount of testing before it is considered safe to drive.

  • 21
    A rebuilt salvage car can have its frame or carriage bent back to its original shape.

  • 22
    There is a lot of profit to be had by fixing up salvaged cars.

  • 23
    The car dealership should replace the salvaged car immediately with another car that has a clean title.

  • 24
    The car dealership should reimburse the customer with all expenses incurred on the salvaged car's repairs after purchase.

  • 25
    The car dealership shall be held responsible for any injuries sustained if their sold salvaged car was involved in an accident. (And the buyers were unaware that the car had a salvaged history).

  • 26
    The car salesman who sold the salvaged car should face criminal charges.

  • 27
    I am entitled up to 3 times the value of the car if a salvaged car was sold to me (without disclosing the information).

  • 28
    There are laws regarding salvaged car sales.

  • 29
    Buyer Beware should be changed to Buyer Be Aware.

  • 30
    All car salesmen should have a certificate or a license to sell cars.

  • 31
    All salvaged cars should be removed from our roads.