• This test is called the "Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory", also known as the COGIATI. It was written in 1998 by Jennifer Diane Reitz, and is available on her website: http://www.transsexual.org . It is made available here with permission as long as the proper attribution remains.

    This test was "designed specifically for the uncertain pre-transitional Male-to-Female gender dysphoric", and might not make sense if you are otherwise. Although no test can determine with certainty if someone is a transsexual or not, by taking the test and then considering whether you agree or disagree with the results, and why, you might learn something about yourself. The hardest thing about this test is answering the questions honestly... it can be very hard to be honest with yourself.

    Note that, as the traditional COGIATI has five possible answers per question, and this system only allows four, leaving an answer blank is also a valid answer. The answer given by leaving it blank is shown directly below the question.

    From http://www.transsexual.org/COGoffline.html :


    Created by Jennifer Diane Reitz, 1998

    COGIATI contents copyright C 1998 Jennifer Diane Reitz, All Rights Reserved


    The COGIATI may be used freely by anyone, anywhere, anytime, by professionals and laymen alike, with only one requirement: that the original COGIATI be properly attributed to the effort of Jennifer Diane Reitz. The COGIATI may be printed, distributed and freely disseminated. It may be used as a basis for further work, and more advanced tests. It may be freely used, providing that credit is given.

    Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory:

    A unique test designed specifically for the uncertain pre-transitional Male-to-Female gender dysphoric. The first comprehensive gender dysphoria test, COGIATI exists to help the individual determine a reasonable self definition from which further action can intelligently be taken. COGIATI has been created to help the individual understand what their gender issues mean, and provides suggestions on what to do about them.


    Answer all the questions as absolutely honestly and accurately as you can. The more honest your choices, the more accurate your result. Some questions may be redundant, some are used as validation tools, and others may seem odd or too obvious. All questions exist for specific reasons.


    The COGIATI blends elements from many existing gender and sex identity resources with original elements developed by the author, Jennifer Diane Reitz. The inventory then calculates a score which will place the user in one of five rough categories of gender status, and provides an outline of suggested actions that the user might take with regard to that status.


    The Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory is precisely and narrowly targeted to the Male-to-Female Pre-Operative, Pre-Transitional individual who is currently unsure of what they really want or who they really are.

    The COGIATI is designed to help this type of individual specifically to begin to solidify a basic stance from which to seek additional assistance.

    The COGIATI exists to help the unsure come to some sort of grasp of things in order to begin to solve their issues. It can also be used to confirm or question existing self definitions."