• Hi! And welcome to my Can't Find A Decent Guy? Test. I'll* be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature, and help you nail down just why you keep getting freaky guys, sleazy guys, illiterate guys, or no guys biting after seeing your profile.

    By answering a few simple questions based on your current OkC profile, I'll measure you against four typical "wrong guy or no guy" factors to see how you fare. Feeling brave? Make sure you're seated, get ready to be completely honest and prepare to find out exactly why Jethro keeps messaging to invite you to another monster truck rally.

    Please remember - the purpose of this test is to find out where your profile is letting you down in connecting with the kind of guy you want. I'm telling you this now so that, at the end, when we see where your profile needs work, you aren't surprised at the way it's all turned out. I know some people will be surprised anyway, but there's only so much I can do.

  • * While I have yet to complete my doctorate in "Decent Guy Profileness" (just waiting for the letter of acceptance from the school of my choice), I do have several decades of experience as a decent guy that give me a unique insight into what others of my type may or may not be interested in. Results are guaranteed to be good, but not necessarily accurate. Test-takers rework their profiles at their own risk.