• Hi! And welcome to my can u fuck Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. TODO: REWRITE THIS
  • 1
    do u love sex

  • 2
    how often do u have sex

  • 3
    do u love ur sex partner

  • 4
    do u put ur partners toe in ur mouth

  • 5
    does sperm grose u out

  • 6
    when u and ur sex partner is having sex do you have to show him/her what to do?

  • 7
    when ur sex partner tells u go change position do u say do u ask how u should turn or u go right ahead and strike a pose?

  • 8
    do u go down on your sex partner?

  • 9
    do u consider your self good at oral sex?

  • 10
    do you swallow?

  • 11
    do u make ur partner beg for u to stop?

  • 12
    when having sex and ur partner says stop but he/she is still moning do u

  • 13
    have ur partner ever told u he/she likes the way u have sex

  • 14
    have u ever had sex with someone of the same sex

  • 15
    did u like it

  • 16
    would u do it again

  • 17
    have u ever had sex using a banana or something eatable

  • 18
    do u eat it afterword or some one else did

  • 19
    how old r u

  • 20
    whats the oldest sex partner u have had

  • 21
    whats the youngest

  • 22
    did u love him/her

  • 23
    does people call u names like bitch