• Simplicity is Beautiful! Who are you? Who am I? There has to be reasons that bounds us together and those reasons, no matter how deep or shallow it may be, is something worth cherishing. I hope in this test, we may accountably become whatever our personality permits us! We are not slaves by our emotions neither destiny, we are what we are and that simple truth is enough for us to have "US" in the future.
  • 1
    What element of friendship is basically your concern most of the time?

  • 2
    Love is a...

  • 3
    Sacrifices are made for the sake of...

  • 4
    You are more afraid to be...

  • 5
    How hopeless Romantic are you?

  • 6
    Can you picture out your future with someone with the same sex as yours?

  • 7
    Loneliness of you partner means...

  • 8

    Love knows no...

  • 9

    If love is blind...

  • 10

    Can you picture out yourself with me? ",) (honestly)

  • 11

    Are you planning to go to the Philippines for a visit? ",)

    (for Filipinos! Ok lang bang bulacan ako? Makakapunta ka kaya dito?)

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