• Hi! And welcome to my "Can You Be Hypnotized?" Test. Through my experiences as a professional hypnotist I have found that many people "think" that they cannot be hypnotized. Their reasons are often quite similar, but generally irrelevant to whether they actually can be hypnotized or not. But, one thing that does get in the way of being able to be hypnotized is a person's belief that they cannot be hypnotized.

    As you take this test consider which questions have to do with the belief you may have that you cannot be hypnotized, and which questions have to do with whether or not you have the capability to be hypnotized - in other words are you "suggestible", or have you been influenced to believe you cannot be hypnotized. In actuallity only 3 of the questions in this test determine whether you can be hypnotized. Answering correctly to those three will actually determine whether you can be hypnotized or not. The other questions are an indicator of your belief that you cannot, or probably are not able to be hypnotized, and how much your "belief" rather than your "ability" influences your ability to be hypnotized.

    Once you see the results of your test you should understand that all of the factors reducing your ability to be hypnotized which have to do with your "belief" don't have to stand in the way of your being able to be hypnotized. WHen youa re properly informed about hypnosis, what it actually is, why it works, how it works, etc. your beliefs are easily modified, making you a much better hypnosis subject.

    If you are interested in finding out more about hypnosis please drop me a message. I really enjoy discussing the subject.