• Can You be my Little Girl?
    Are you submissive? Do you like to be played with every possible way? Do you like to be spoiled?

    Assume, for all these questions, that there is consent which has been negotiated.

    Skipping a question assumes the least submissive/kinky scores for that question.

    (Note to the confused or concerned: "little girl" is a phrase not referring to age, but to a way to interact in a relationship. It's about consenting adults.)

    (Note to bi/gay men: Sorry! Been there, done that, got the toaster, traded it in for a microwave. Writing tests like this gets *complicated* when you're dealing with the ins-n-outs, anyways! I haven't skewed the actual results against men, however, so you may still enjoy taking it.)

    (Note to those who have actually read this far: I wrote this test mostly to help myself remember elements of my past that I'd like in a future relationship. The questions and/or answers may will offend some, so be forewarned. I am who I am, and make no apologies for it. Er, sorry about that.)

    If you're truly offended and still reading this far, and haven't just clicked the "bad rating" button, then you're a masochist. That's a different kink entirely, so we're probably not compatible.