• Hi! And welcome to my Can You Be My Man Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. TODO: Answer the questions as honestly as possible and dig deep for the true answer! ;)
  • 1
    What's Your View On Woman?

  • 2
    How Romanitic Are You?

  • 3
    Are You Active (Sport, Outdoor activities, Adventures)

  • 4
    Sex....How important is it in a relationship?

  • 5
    How Often Do You Get Complimented About Your Looks?

  • 6
    Which Best Explains You?

  • 7
    Your Sense-Of-Humor is?

  • 8
    Where Do You Live?

  • 9
    Have You Ever Been Called A Player?

  • 10
    Look Down...What Shoes Do You Have On Right Now?

  • 11
    Your Ethnicity is?

  • 12
    How Honestly Did You Answer These Questions? (BE HONEST)