• Hi and Welcome to the Can you get along with me test. You will be asked questions that will determine how well you can get along with me based on your true nature of understanding.
  • 1
    do you accept a woman with a life of her own?

  • 2
    do you accept a womans family relationships?

  • 3
    Would you date a woman who has three or more children, but has no desire for more?

  • 4
    are you openminded and not superficial?

  • 5
    do you control alot of your relationships?

  • 6
    your girlfriend is depressed because she has not been able to see her children for awhile. what do you do?

  • 7
    can you love another mans children as your own even though they do'nt call you dad?

  • 8
    do you live in a world where the woman is always wrong?

  • 9
    do you often express interest in people then going by how they look step away?

  • 10
    would you change some habits that a woman was afraid of for true love?

  • 11
    do you expect your girlfriend to cater to your every need?