• This test is being made to see if you can hang with me. Not in a pretentious way, but in a pure and simple "would you enjoy having my type of adventures" way. So let's get it on!
  • 1
    Pick the best use of a weekend that has no set plans.

  • 2
    So it's winter, it's snowy out and you live at least 100 miles from the nearest ski-able hill and you've got 2 hours and feeling anxious at home. What do you do.

  • 3
    You're triple booked for an amazing weekend out. You've agreed to go kayaking, skydiving, and to go visit a friend 200 miles away. How do you solve this.

  • 4
    It's 2 am on a Tuesday. We both have to work tomorrow and just got done watching an amazing unknown movie. What's next?

  • 5
    We're walking around in a nice quaint downtown area, EVERY store has something interesting to look at but they all close in 2 hours and there's at least 4 hours of looking around to do. What do we do?