• So, you're thinking of trying my "can you possibly match Senny Test".

    The goal of this test is to find out who I could get along with, who I could learn stuff with, and who I could get all cuddly and horny with.

    Reasons why you might take this test:

    • You're extremely bored.
    • You're a test addict.
    • You're humoring me, because I asked you to.
    • We match well according to the system.

    I purposely made the order of questions and answers somewhat random. With no specific line of questioning, it makes it a little harder to tell what answer I'm looking for. Also, some of the answers differ minutely, but significantly. Please read every question and every answer. It's okay to skip a question if none of the answers match; just don't click anything, because you can unclick a radio button.

    I like receiving criticism about this test (For example, "That question was too vague," or "My answer wasn't in the list.")

    I expect this test to be difficult to pass; however, since it has not been thoroughly analyzed and tested, I have no idea what the distribution of results will likely be.